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Conducting recourse cases

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   Regression (from Latin regressus - return, reverse movement) is a multi-valued term.  Regress (right) - in civil law - the right of the person who fulfilled the obligation to claim damages from another person responsible for the same obligation.

   Our employees have extensive experience in recovering money by subrogation or regression under the contract, including on an ongoing basis.

   Our experts carry out an assessment and analysis of the loss.  Also represent the interests of the insurer as a plaintiff or defendant in a court of any instance.

   Our experience with various insurance companies has shown that even with a well-organized procedure for dealing with subrogation and recourse cases in archives of insurance companies, there are still losses that are not directed at recovery.

   Services to verify payment cases in the archives of central and additional offices have a 100% payback for our customers.  Verification of payment cases is carried out for the entire period of the limitation period, which is 3 years.  The sum of the cases that were identified, according to which the collection procedure was not carried out, typically amounts to a million to several tens of millions of rubles.

   The volume of cases that account for one employee in the insurance company is very large.  In this connection, the staff lawyers of many companies simply can not cope with the number of suits.  Our company offers legal outsourcing for insurers that allows to unload the office and solve many problems.  This is especially true for companies that have recently undergone reductions, or for some reason the legal department is not staffed at the moment.

   Our specialists conduct constant interaction with employees of various state bodies (bailiffs, investigators, courts of various instances, departments of law enforcement agencies).  For many years of cooperation with insurance companies, we have developed a number of techniques that allow to protect the rights of the insurer within the framework of the contract and to recover debts from the defendant as soon as possible.

   Unlike many legal companies, our employees do not stop only to collect debts in court.  Efforts to recover are applied both in court and in the pre-trial stage.  The methods of recovery that have been developed for years make it possible to repay the debt in a short period of time.  Such methods of recovery allows your company to make forecasts on proceeds and avoid expiration of the limitation period, and also guarantees the return of funds.  In cases where the debtor refuses voluntary compensation for damages, specialists closely interact with the debtor at the stage of the proceedings.

   We provide services for recovery of paid insurance compensations (compensations) in the order of subrogation or recourse on the basis of the contract.  Services to represent the interests of the insurer in cases where our client acts as a defendant or plaintiff includes a claim work, as well as the preparation of a reasoned position.