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Examination of the circumstances of an accident

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Экспертиза обстоятельств ДТП   As a rule, each of the participants in a traffic accident has an opinion about what happened.  It is not uncommon for the culprit, knowing the severity of the consequences, deliberately distorts the facts and the scheme of an accident during the drawing up of the protocol.  In such cases, to understand the circumstances and determine the degree of culpability of the participants in the accident will help expert examination of the circumstances under which this accident occurred.

   Independent situation expertise examines all the facts in which a traffic accident occurred.  It is carried out to identify the mechanism of the accident, establishing the actions of all participants, the condition of the road surface and the vehicles themselves.  Examination of the circumstances of accidents, establishing the connection of all factors, helps identify the culprit and the amount of damage caused to the car.

Cases in which expertise is required for the circumstances of an accident

  • in the event of a controversial situation about the sequence of actions of drivers and pedestrians in a road traffic accident;
  • If you are found guilty of an accident, and you want to challenge the decision;
  • in case you have a suspicion of the independence of an expert who previously conducted an examination of the circumstances of an accident;
  • in the event that the accident occurred due to poor quality of the road surface and you are going to make a claim to the road services;


When conducting an examination of the circumstances of a traffic accident, the following facts are established

  • the circumstances under which the incident occurred.  Calculate the speed of the car, the trajectory of which moved each of the participants of the accident.  It is determined the possibility to take measures to prevent an accident.  The circumstances of rapprochement, contact and dispersion are calculated;
  • the actions of the road accident participants regarding the use of the vehicle and the established traffic rules are determined.  This allows you to determine the reliability of the indications of the parties;
  • the relationship between the accident and the state of the car;

   Based on the results of all the listed actions of comparing the tracks on the vehicle, as well as the place of the road accident, the expert issues an opinion.  In which it is established not only the cause and circumstances under which an accident occurred, but also the possibility of obtaining damages within the context of the incident in question.

Basic documents for conducting situational expertise, which must be provided to the customer

  • the passport of the vehicle;
  • compiled earlier protocols of vehicle inspection and the scene of the accident;
  • scheme from the place of the road accident;
  • photos of the affected vehicles in the event of an accident, as well as photographs of the place of the accident;

   Based on the results of the examination, an opinion is issued that includes all the initial data, a description of the studies carried out, the calculation part, as well as the conclusions drawn by the expert on their basis.  The conclusion of a specialist is supplemented with diagrams, drawings and photographs.

   The conclusion of a specialist is a legal document that can be considered as evidence in court.

Issues that are solved by situational examination of the circumstances of an accident

   When conducting an expert examination of the circumstances of a road traffic accident, a specialist is asked before a specialist who, according to the results of the research, should answer.  Examples of questions that can be asked for a specialist:

  • Did the driver of the vehicle comply with the rules of the road, was it possible in the current situation to adhere to the rules of the SDA?
  • What rules are violated by the driver of the vehicle and is there a connection between the incident and non-observance of the rules?
  • What was the speed of the vehicle before its braking?
  • What is the stop and braking distance of the vehicle?
  • Determination of the necessary time for the reaction of the driver under given road conditions.
  • What is the maximum permitted speed on a certain section of the roadway?
  • Did the driver have the technical ability to avoid collision or to prevent a collision?
  • Is there the possibility of a transverse displacement of the vehicle without loss of stability on the road section under investigation?
  • Did the vehicle driver from a technical point of view make a detour around the obstacle?
  • Whose actions from the technical point of view served as the cause of the traffic accident?
  • Determination of the distance from the beginning of application of emergency braking.
  • Does the technical version of the event explain the participants of the accident?
  • What was the reason for the accident from a technical point of view?
  • Determining the time and the path of maneuver if that was the case.
  • Determination of the speed characteristics of collided vehicles at the time of collision.
  • In the event of a collision at a crossroads, do you determine which of the participants first rode to it?
  • Calculation under the given conditions safety of a distance between participants of road accident.
  • For whom of the drivers of participants in the accident is the advantage in the collision on the crossroads?
  • Determination of the technical capabilities of the vehicle to overcome a specific section of the path for a given time interval.
  • Identify the circumstances of skidding or changes in the direction of movement of the vehicle.