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  • Независимая экспертиза автомобиля после ДТП, стоимость

Independent Expertise

An independent expertise
Independent Expertise
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Независимая автоэкспертиза   Imagine a standard situation that occurs daily on the roads of each city, one of the road users does not provide a legal advantage to the other, as a result, both cars receive significant damage.  Nothing bodes ill for the victim: both drivers have insurance, the culprit is obvious and even the traffic police inspector comes unexpectedly quickly.  The standard procedure - getting a certificate, an application in an insurance, an expert car inspection, but only the amount of compensation is suspiciously low.  The amount, taking into account the wear and tear, without a shadow of embarrassment, says an insurance company specialist, that's just in the car service it turns out that such a sum is barely enough to pay half the cost of repairs.  If the insurance payment for OSAGO does not cover even half of the repair - this is the reason for going to court.  An indisputable proof of your rightness in court will be an independent autoexpertise.

   So, to the services of the center / company for the independent examination and evaluation of cars and other vehicles should be accurately applied if:

  • The amount of insurance payment is substantially lower than the amount necessary for you to fully repair the car.  An approximate amount of repairs will be easily called to you by any auto mechanic or specialist in the same center of expertise within half an hour.
  • The insurance company delays payment of insurance for more than 30 days from the date of application.
  • The culprit of the accident has no OSAGO policy, was in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, and the insurance company refuses to pay compensation to you.
  • The vehicle is damaged as a result of not performing its duties by the municipal or road services of the city.  A deep pit damaged the wheel.  The car fell a tree, a badly adhered billboard, snow from the roof - in these cases, the insurance company will refuse you a compensation payment under the policy of OSAGO.  This means that there is a trial with the complex services of the city.

   Carried out an independent autoexamination of an accident will allow you to provide the court with conclusive evidence:

  • In the reports of independent experts will be given the real amount of damage.  This amount, taking into account the "hidden" damage, the necessary replacement of parts, actual prices for original spare parts, adequate calculation of tin and painting works.  In addition, compensation is taken into account for the loss of the commodity value of the car.
  • If the payments are delayed, the specialists will calculate the damage during the idle time without repairing the working car.
  • If the vehicle is damaged as a result of a defect in the road surface, the specialists will provide a report not only for damage to the car, but also for the condition of the road surface.

   A fairly large number of companies have appeared on the market, the best independent expertise is carried out by a company that meets the following requirements:

  • The company is really independent, that is, it does not cooperate with any insurance company, which means that you can be sure that all damages (hidden and external) will be indicated in the report, adequate work to eliminate the damage (if necessary, replace the part, will be  replacement is indicated, not repair).
  • If your car is not more than 5 years old, the company provides a second report, which indicates the amount of compensation for the loss of the commodity value of the car, this is not a small amount.
  • The company specializes only in the independent examination of vehicles and does not engage in any other type of activity, for example, the assessment of damage to housing, etc.
  • The company provides a full range of services for independent examination: from express assessment of damages to the preparation of documentation for the court.
  • The specialists of the company on the first request present you with the necessary licenses, certificates, qualification certificates of employees and other documentation that allows to carry out expertise and assessment of vehicles throughout the territory of Russia.
  • The data provided by the company to evaluate your car expert is listed in the Russian state register of automotive experts, and he himself is an active member of the OGSO Association of Transport Experts, an experience of work more than 5 years and an appropriate level of education.
  • The company provides guarantees, for example, the contract specifies that the amount spent by the client for examination can be returned if the case is lost in court.
  • The company guarantees that the defendant will reimburse your expenses related to the preparation for the trial, including the costs for the work of an independent auto expert.

   Independent autoexamination of the consequences of an accident is a legal way to obtain full insurance coverage for OSAGO.