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  • Независимая экспертиза мотоцикла после ДТП, стоимость

Motorcycle expertise

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Независимая экспертиза мотоцикла после ДТП   Motorcycles are also vehicles.  And according to the law, recently they, like cars, need to be insured.  It is necessary to acquire, at a minimum, the MTPL policy, or even better, KASKO, but this is optional.  This is required because motorcycles are vehicles.  And in the summer, the number of accidents with their participation increases dramatically.  That is why, in order to protect themselves from high costs, motorcyclists should also acquire a MTPL policy.

   In the event of an accident involving a motorcycle, the insurance company will also perform an appraisal, or invite an independent third party for this.  Here, unlike car accidents, everything is much more complicated.  Despite the fact that many think that it is much easier to work with motorcycles with evaluators, in reality it is not so.  Estimating the damage to a motorcycle after an accident is considered one of the most difficult tasks that experts must solve.  How can they do this?  Not everyone can do this.  Many work according to a standard template, they find on the Internet or in shops the details corresponding to the damaged ones, study the average cost and specify it exactly.  And what if the part is not factory-made, but made almost by hand to order?  After all, many motorcyclists usually tune their iron horses, changing those or other details, strengthening them to improve the technical characteristics of their vehicles.  And as a rule, such details are much more expensive.  But, insurers can not explain this and can not prove it to get them to pay the amount of real damage.  This problem will be decided by an independent examination of the motorcycle after the accident, the cost of which is relatively low, but the opportunity to sue the entire amount increases.  Seek for such a service should be in a specialized independent expert appraisal company.

Our services

   Our company has been working in this sphere for a long time, is respected, boasts an impeccable reputation.  We offer also such service as independent examination of a motorcycle after road accident which is carried out by skilled professional estimators not under patterns, and with the individual approach, taking into account features of a vehicle.  This allows you to identify the real cost of damage, so that the owner of the motorcycle, regardless of how much he invested in it, was able to get the highest possible compensation amount, so that he had the opportunity to repair it.  If suddenly the insurance company does not agree to pay the amount indicated in the conclusion we have given, the client can file a lawsuit against her in order to get his money.  We provide a lot of undeniable evidence and arguments, so the court has no reason not to believe our conclusion, especially since the company's reputation is crystal clear, which is also very important.

   The cost of services will depend on the amount of work that the appraiser needs to perform.  If the damage to the motorcycle is minimal, the cost of the examination will also be low.  If the damage is serious, and the motorcycle itself was not simple, but with rare details, etc., the cost of the examination will be greater, but this money can also be seized from insurers through the court.