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Trasological examination

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Трасологическая экспертиза   To recreate the picture of what happened, a variety of methods are used, including a trasologic examination.  It is aimed at studying traces and traces to identify the objects with which these tracks were left.  The tasks and issues to be investigated in the context of the tracological expertise are determined by the specific questions posed to the expert.

   Trarological expertise in the study of the circumstances of accidents is aimed at examining tracks left by cars and pedestrians.  When investigating the place of an accident, specialists analyze the probability and sequence of what happened.  Tracological expertise is often appointed by the court, within the framework of proceedings to determine the guilt of participants in a traffic accident.

Questions considered by transport expert investigative:

  1.  Identifying the culprit of an accident in a disputable situation

   The most common question in the conduct of transportation tracological expertise is the identification of the degree of culpability of participants in a traffic accident.  According to the results of the research, specialists, considering the circumstances of an accident, figuring out which rules the participants should follow when moving to a specific situation.

         2.  Reasonableness of refusal to pay insurance compensation

   No less urgent issue in the conduct of a forensic examination is the dispute with the insurance company.  It is not uncommon for insurance companies to refuse reimbursement on the basis of erroneous conclusions of a full-time expert of the investigator.  Upon receipt of a refusal from the insurance company on the basis of a tracological conclusion, it is necessary to conduct an independent transport and tracological examination.

         3.  Examination of causes of damage

   It is not uncommon for fraudsters to attempt to attribute previously received damage to the case in question.  Understand the situation in such situations will help a specialist trasologist who, having carefully studied the circumstances and the damage received, will come to a conclusion about the causes and limitation of their formation, and will give an opinion on the possibility of such an event.

What is necessary for carrying out transport expert examination:

   The specialist of the pathologist for carrying out an independent tracological examination must obtain all available information.  After that, the pathologist starts modeling the traffic accident in order to determine what happened.  Trasological examination determines how each of the participants of the road accident moved and how it behaved before the collision, this allows us to establish a true picture of what happened.

   For the organization and conduct of transportation tracological expertise, in order to determine the circumstances of an accident, an expert in the pathologist will need documents relevant to the event in question.  Depending on the questions put to the expert, a list of necessary materials and documents is determined.

  1. Scheme of accident place
    (compiled by road accident participants or police officers)
  2. Inspection report of the accident site
    (compiled by a specialist or police officers)
  3. Photographic materials attached to the accident site inspection report
    (in cases when the survey is done by an expert).
  4. Cars participating in an accident
    (if necessary external examination of damage)
  5. Photo and video material TS
    (meeting the requirements of judicial photo and video recording)
  6. Protocol for inspection and verification of technical condition of the vehicle
    (required to confirm that the vehicle is in good condition)
  7. Accident report
    (compiled by law enforcement officials)
  8. Additional photos or video materials from the scene of an accident
    (performed by participants or witnesses of road accidents)

   The list of data and documents is NOT rigorous, since the depth of the study, and, consequently, the amount of initial data, is determined, first of all, by the questions and tasks posed to the expert-tracologist.  In this regard, for the conduct of transport-tracological or forensic examination, there may be sufficient detailed photographs from the scene of the event.