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Loss of commercial value

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Расчет УТС   TCB of a car is a premature deterioration of the appearance of a vehicle injured in an accident.  Characterized by a decrease in the strength and durability of individual components and assemblies, protective coatings and joints as a result of repair of the vehicle.

   After the restorative repair, regardless of the quality of work and the level of the car service, only the appearance will be returned to him.  However, the cost of a repair car in the subsequent sale is still lower.  In this connection, when reimbursing the insurance compensation, the owner can count on reimbursement of the vehicle's TCB.

   Reimbursement of loss of commodity value or TCB is one of the most hated payments for an insurance company.  If your car is in an accident:

  • Not older than 5 years;
  • Has a run no more than 80 000 thousand km;
  • Wear and wear is less than 35%;

   The owner has the right to additional compensation for the loss of market value.  Information on who has the right to compensation for TCB insurance companies do not particularly like to advertise and pay only on demand of the insured.

   The loss of the commodity value can be regarded as a small but pleasant bonus to the payment of insurance compensation.  Since the car owner who got into an accident is not guilty, this payment can be perceived as moral damage for the experience of a new car.

   Specialists of the company "Adzhuster Group" have many years of experience in organizing and conducting independent examinations after an accident and calculating the loss of commodity value of cars.  What allows car owners who have gotten in an accident to get the most real amount of compensation for OSAGO or CASCO.

Consider how the amount is formed for the loss of the commodity value of a car with an approximate cost of 500 thousand rubles.  For an example of determining the value of loss of market value, we take the following parts of the body:

  • Rear right door
  • Rear bumper
  • Rear right panel (wing)

The calculation of TCB will be as follows:

Details Type of repair Coefficient of CTF
Rear right door Substitution+ Painting             0,50%
Rear bumper Substitution + Painting             0,35%
Rear right panel (wing) Substitution + Painting        0,3% + 0,35%

Calculation of TCB is performed as follows:

TCB = 500,000 * (0.5 + 0.35 + 0.3 + 0.35) = 7500 rubles

   Calculation of loss of market value is made in the case of the following repair actions:

  • elimination of the skewing of the car body;
  • replacement of non-removable elements of the car body (full or partial);
  • repair of individual (removable or non-removable) elements of the car body;
  • full or partial painting of the exterior surfaces of the car's body, painted plastic parts (bumpers, spoilers, mirror housings, etc.);
  • complete disassembly of the car interior, causing a violation of the quality of the factory assembly;

   Calculate the loss of market value is not possible if:

  • At the time of damage, operational wear is more than 35%;
  • Since the release date of the vehicle more than 5 years have passed;