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Surveyor service in Russia

Inspection of cargo
Surveyor service
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Сюрвейерские услуги Surveyor - the term in the insurance, indicating the inspector or agent of the insurer, inspecting property taken for insurance or an estimate of the amount of the loss. 

Based on the results of the surveyor's work, the insurance company decides on the conclusion of the insurance contract and the cost of insurance. Modern surveying services cover a wide range of economic and industrial activities. 

Survey services in Moscow and throughout Russia 

One of the first stages of any examination is the examination of the object of examination. This stage is part of the preparatory stage and is a visual examination by the expert of the objects with the purpose of highlighting significant data from the point of view of the research. 

Inspection of the objects of examination can be carried out within the framework of any research. So, when the forensic expertise is being carried out, the scene of the incident is inspected, the examination of the projects is not complete without the initial assessment of the design documentation, and the customs examination is unthinkable without a preliminary examination of the goods. 

Inspection tasks: 

Expert examination provides an opportunity to draw a general view of the object, obtain the necessary preliminary information and based on the data obtained, plan the sequence of actions. When conducting an expert examination within the framework of specific studies, specific tasks may arise. So, for example, a primary examination of the objects of examination in the event of an insured event includes the collection of documents, sampling and drawing up an act of inspection. Also, in the framework of the survey, photography of objects is carried out. 

   In what cases is an examination of the object of examination carried out?

The ordering of the  services for the inspection of the objects of examination is necessary in the following cases: 

- acceptance of cargo with missing seals;
- acceptance of cargo in violation of the requirements for the transportation;
- the cargo was damaged during transportation;
- the cargo was damaged during storage at the warehouse; 

The procedure for organizing the examination and inspection of the affected facilities: 

Survey service is a complex, multi-stage process that involves the following stages: 


It consists in reviewing the client's request, studying all documentation and determining the sequence of actions. At this stage, the timing of the inspection is determined, as well as its estimated cost, the date of the event is agreed upon. Please note that an obligatory condition for carrying out the research and examination is the invitation of the second party (potential respondent) prior to the inspection. 


The affected object is inspected, photo and video are made for fixing the various zones. The inspection is mandatory accompanied with the preparation of an act to which the other party has the right to make comments. 

Determination of the amount of damage.

The surveyor carry out the necessary calculations to determine the amount of the damage, make an estimate for the performance of the restoration work, if any is possible. The expediency of such works is determined. The result of operations is an expert conclusion in which the amount of damage and probable causes are displayed. 

Please note that after payment of compensation, the recovery right against liable party passes to the Insurers. 

Results of the inspection: 

After the inspection of the object, the surveyor completes the inspection report. This document is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the law and provides information on the condition of the objects of the inspection. In the case of an inspection of the object as part of the forensic examination, an inspection report is drawn up, which, when executed in accordance with procedural rules, may be evidence in court.

At the same time, all surveyors are warned about the responsibility for drawing up a knowingly false conclusion. Despite the fact that examination of the objects of examination is not the most important part of expert research, it is not worth neglecting it. The qualitative implementation of this stage of the study will allow later to plan correctly the main part of the study and avoid possible errors. As a result, time and money are saved. 

Qualitative survey services 

(*) Survey services are an independent quantitative and qualitative assessment of goods and their damages, The examination and the inspection of the vehicles (ships, containers). We are ready to offer you our services at a maximum high level.