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Container Inspection

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инспекция контейнеров   Since most of the cargo is carried in containers it is not unimportant to be sure of its suitability for these purposes.  During transportation, the container is exposed to such impacts as wetting from rain, overloading in ports or warehouses.  Shipping is a long and expensive process of delivering the goods.  A container with damage can cause damage to the load.  That is why you should not neglect the inspection of the container.

Types of container inspection

   Among the types of container inspection, or as another name for container survey, three most common ones are:

  • Pre-loading inspection of the container - this inspection is carried out before the load is loaded into the container.  The purpose of the inspection is to determine the condition of the container in which the cargo is planned to be transported.  The surveyor inspects the container for mechanical damage and defects in operation.  In the process of examination, an act is drawn up indicating the details of the examination, and also a photo fixation is made.
  • Inspection of the container during unloading - it is not uncommon for cases when during transportation in a container the cargo gets damaged.  The reasons may be not sealed seams, faulty locking devices, as well as holes.
  • Container inspection in the warehouse - if necessary, our specialists can inspect the container in the intermediate stage, for example, on the route or while storing in the warehouse.  The given services are especially actual in cases if during transportation of cargo the container was exposed or the integrity of a seal is broken and there is a suspicion on shortage of a cargo.

   Do not forget about the strict regulations for the scheduled inspection of containers.  New containers should be inspected 5 years after construction, further inspection and inspection of the container is mandatory every 2,5 years.  The use of a container that has not undergone compulsory certification requires the container owner to remove the container from commercial operation prior to the inspection.

   Our company has a lot of experience both in pre-shipment survey of empty containers with the purpose of assessing their condition and determining the readiness for taking the goods, as well as inspecting the containers damaged during the transportation process.  Surveyor inspection of containers is carried out by experienced specialists of our company, who possess the methods necessary for detailed and effective inspection of containers.  The reporting documentation used by us corresponds to the most progressive international standards.