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Pre-loading inspection

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Предпогрузочная инспекция груза   Pre-loading inspection is the inspection of cargo during loading or before shipment (shipment in a container, transportation on an autocart or in a railway car) by the consignor to the consignee.  An important role in the transportation and storage of cargo is the inspection of cargo before loading.  Many carriers leave this process to the conscience of the driver.  This is a big mistake since not always the driver responsibly approaches the cargo that he has to transport and prefers, trusting the will of the case to take a nap before a long road or is filling out accompanying documents in the office without taking part in the loading.

   As a result, the freight forwarder, and the carrier himself, can suffer large expenses related to the claims of the sender and the receiver.  Conflict situations between the carrier and the sender arise rarely.  The claims of the sender and the recipient can lead to great reputational risks and become an obstacle in the long-term cooperation of the parties.  Not infrequently, the following circumstances become the cause of claims:

  • The received cargo has a shortage in consequence of not full loading in a warehouse (for example employees of a warehouse have loaded 120 bags, and in a waybill for transportation 150);
  • Delivered cargo of fruit was spoiled (at loading the employees of the warehouse or the sender sent in advance not a quality or damaged product);
  • The cargo was incorrectly placed for transportation (at loading more heavier boxes were delivered by the second tier and crushed lower ones);
  • When loading, loaders damaged the cargo (during loading the loader dropped a couple of boxes and did not draw up an act taking advantage of the driver's absence during loading);

   In such cases, the carrier who calculates profits from transportation will try to come up with an excuse and look for a way to prove his innocence.

What measures to take:

   To protect yourself and your business, you need to take not complex but very important steps.  First of all, before loading it is necessary to call a surveyor who will inspect the cargo and, if necessary, control the process of loading and placing the cargo.  Also in the list of surveyor's services for cargo pre-shipment inspection includes:

  • Inspection of cargo condition before loading;
  • Checking the quality (integrity) of the package and the presence of cargo labeling;
  • If necessary, upon agreement, it is possible to open the package and take samples for the examination (study) of cargo quality;
  • Checking of shipping documents and accompanying documents;
  • Actual recalculation (tally account) of the cargo;
  • Inspection of the cargo container and inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle, which will carry out the cargo transportation;
  • Drawing up a photoreport on the work done (also attached to the surveyor's report);

   It is worth noting that the conclusion of an independent surveyor has considerable weight in resolving disputes between the consignor, the consignee and the carrier.  Also, based on the report provided by the surveyor, you can always prove your innocence not only in pre-trial, but in court.  At the moment, most carriers have a professional insurance policy and for the owner of a damaged cargo this is a huge plus.  In the event of cargo damage during transport on the basis of a surveyor's report, you can always contact the insurance company for compensation.