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Insurance Survey

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Страховой сюрвей   Insurance survey or survey services for insurance companies is one of the ways to protect yourself from scammers and reduce the loss ratio in the field of cargo insurance and carrier liability.  During transportation or storage, the cargo is permanently at risk of damage.  No matter what cargo is carried by the carrier, how well it is secured to the body or guarded.  There is no way to be absolutely sure that he will be delivered in full.

   In the event of an insured event, the insurer may not always be able to quickly understand what happened and to assess the damage caused to the cargo.  It is necessary to conduct a small investigation into the incident and establish all the conditions under which the occurrence of the insured event occurred.

Survey services for insurance companies:

   Within the framework of cooperation with insurance companies, we offer a number of services that our specialists can provide:

  • Departure of the surveyor to the scene for inspection, collection of explanations and drafting of an act;
  • Determination of the reasons for the occurrence of an insured event;
  • Collection of all necessary documents for consideration of the insured event;
  • Carrying out of examinations and researches of the damaged cargo;
  • Analysis of circumstances and making recommendations on the recognition / non-recognition of the case by insurance;
  • Development of schemes for the review of claims related to insurance cases in the field of cargo transportation;
  • Collection and, if necessary, filing claims against the culprit;
  • Registration of claims for an insured event;
  • Development of a list of measures to reduce loss in cargo insurance;
  • Conducting recourse and subrogation cases;

   Involvement of third-party specialists by the insurance company to settle the loss has long become the norm in insurance.  This allows you to significantly save on your own staff staff at the same time using the experience gained over the years.