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Cargo theft

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Хищение груза при перевозке   Get a light day always attracts.  Especially considering the current not simple economic situation in the world.  Someone is ready to work tirelessly, and someone chooses a slippery path and quick profit, regardless of the methods.  Often the simplest method of such "earnings" is theft.  Unfortunately, not everyone believes in the inevitability of punishment and as a result a fine and even a criminal punishment in the form of imprisonment not for one year.  Long since the time of transportation, the following categories have been and continue to occupy the leading position in the category of increased risk of theft of such goods as:

  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Expensive equipment
  • Medications
  • Perfumery
  • Commodities of daily demand

   Theft of cargo during transportation is the most common and fatal loss among carriers.  It is especially difficult to identify theft during transportation by several companies and different modes of transport.  According to statistics, the most vulnerable link is trucking.  The driver for the flight makes many stops and not always in safe places.  Stopping at the gas station, for lunch, rest or simply by necessity attract the attention of people who are not honest in their hands.  Also do not forget that the vehicle itself can be sold for parts or with broken numbers.

   Typically, the arsenal of the driver of a trucker is limited to walkie-talkies and mounts, which also plays no small role in the selection of the victim.  Although in our time, thieves prefer not to go to a frank crime, but show not a small part of ingenuity.  The driver, settling down for the night in the morning, can not even detect the loss of goods.  At first glance the seals will appear whole, and on arrival at the place of unloading the picture is rather sad.

   A similar situation develops with rail freight.  The length of the railway networks is very high.  It has many stations and ways where the cargo is not always safe.  Standing in anticipation on the siding or waiting for a couple of additional wagons to attach a valuable cargo can become easy profit for the intruders.  Although in comparison with road transport, rail transportation has more security.  However, even here there is a rather large amount of theft.  The most daring thieves use autogen and cut out part of the floor or mesh of the car.  Those who are more inventive sawn keyhole.  Gently unbending and removing the seal, after the theft is committed, everything returns to its place and is tinted.  In this case, an autopsy is not often found only when the goods are accepted and it is practically impossible to determine exactly where the goods were stolen.

   What to do in case you received a cargo with a damaged seal or there is a suspicion of shortage:

  • It is necessary to notify the representative of the transport company about the incident
  • Do not open the container or body and do not unload
  • Call the surveyor

   What can help the surveyor when stealing cargo:

   Surveyor is an independent and disinterested person who performs cargo inspection and estimates the amount of losses incurred.  Consequently, he has the right to objectively assess the current situation.  Upon arrival, the examiner inspects the locking devices and the seal.  After that, the unloading starts, which results in the inspection report.  The act specifies all the circumstances that were discovered during the examination.  Also, a specialist who is present when unloading and recalculating (weighing) the cargo determines the amount of shortage.  After that a report is compiled, in which all the data on the cargo and the amount of damage incurred are presented.

What is the surveyor's report for?

   The surveyor's report is an expert opinion of an independent specialist and may be presented to the carrier as an irrefutable proof of damage received during the carriage of the goods.  Also, this report can serve as evidence in the consideration of the case in the courts of any instance.  Do not forget that the carrier's liability in most cases is insured in the insurance company.  With the report of an independent surveyor, you can claim an insurance payment.