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Settlement of losses

Tel.: +7 (495) 105-92-07

   Settlement of property losses is one of the leading directions in our company.  The specialists of the property loss settlement department have extensive experience and are real professionals in their field.  When settling losses related to property, our specialists do not lose sight of any detail.  Not only professional lawyers and lawyers participate in the work of the department, but also, when necessary, staff experts and appraisers of the company are involved.  If necessary, examinations are carried out and the amount of loss is determined, and the reasons under which the loss occurred are analyzed.

Among our employees there are specialists and narrow specialization in the following areas:

  • Settlement of losses in case of fire at various sites;
  • Settlement of losses related to the construction of facilities or restoration works;
  • Settlement of losses associated with the transport of various goods;
  • Settlement of losses in case of damage to property by third parties;
  • Settlement of losses in road accidents;
  • Settlement of losses caused by the breakdown of machinery and equipment;
  • Settlement of losses associated with storage in warehouses;

   Also, our employees are engaged in other types of losses that may occur as a result of a variety of circumstances.  Specialists of our company participate not only in risk assessment and settlement of losses, but also take a direct part in the investigation of the circumstances and causes of the insured event.

   All employees have not only a profile and technical education, but also constantly undergo a variety of training in order to expand their knowledge.

   Depending on the size of the loss, the complexity of the event, as well as the tasks assigned to the specialists, they are sent to the place of the inspection from Moscow, or they involve representatives from the region.  We constantly develop our network of subagents for prompt response throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.