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Independent expert company LLC "Adjuster Group"

Независимая экспертиза в Москве   The Adjuster Group Company provides legal assistance in matters of technical expertise, evaluation and research.  Our company is engaged in auto expertise, real estate and vehicle valuation, as well as survey and legal services.

   LLC "ADJASTER GROUP" has extensive experience in this field.  Our highly qualified specialists will consult the client and conduct all necessary measures for the problem that has arisen.

Independent Expertise

   Some situations require independent examination.  For example, situations where insurance payments do not cover a full or partial repair of a car or real estate.  Using the services of our company, you can get indisputable evidence for litigation or other needs.  Our experts will conduct research on the damage received and provide a real amount for the compensation of moral and general damage.

   We also carry out expertise in the field of commodity science and jewelry.

   The commodity expert examination service is carried out in case if commodity labels and marks have been forged, the goods are damaged or the machinations with volume have been made.  Imagine that you have made an order for a certain product, for example, electronic equipment of a certain firm.  A car arrived with the goods, and in it absolutely not what you ordered, but the supplier proves its rightness.  Or another case, when high-quality furniture was ordered, and a defective, discontinued, came.  In such situations, an expert evaluation, an examination of all documents and, if necessary, a trial, is conducted.  We will perform a study of the volume and condition of the cargo.  The company "Adjester groups" will help to understand these and other situations that require an impartial review and evaluation.

   To confirm the authenticity of the documentation, our specialists are engaged in the examination of handwriting and signature.  This is required if you are not sure of the authenticity of the documents or the timing of the compilation.  Our experts examine the document to the smallest detail and will give an answer as soon as possible.

Survey Services

   The company "Adzhuster groups" offers survey services for insurance companies.  Collect all necessary documents, establish the reasons and conduct the examination.  As part of assistance to insurance companies, we apply a set of measures to reduce losses in cargo insurance and consider claims from both sides.

   Our experts are engaged in the inspection of cargo during the loading or unloading of goods.  This is required in order to determine the quality of the delivered goods, fix all the shortcomings, and also make a loading plan and the integrity of the goods.  We will draw up a report and arrange all the required documents.

   If there is a situation where your company incurred losses - we will fix it and carry out an examination in order to obtain compensation for damage and determine the cause of the incident.  Fires, losses associated with shipping, construction problems, improper storage of goods in the warehouse - all this is the scope of our activities.

Services for leasing companies

   Leasing is not only a good income, but also a big risk for the company, regardless of its size.  Specialists of our company are ready to offer their services to leasing companies.  Our experts will check the operability and availability of equipment from the lessee.  Calculate the residual value of equipment when returning from leasing, calculate the cost of repairing damaged leased items.

   If necessary, our specialists are ready to carry out an inspection and conduct an inspection at the location of the lessor's property in order to determine the number and completeness.

Why "Adzhuster Group"?

   Having many years of experience and a staff consisting only of professionals, our company has earned respect among customers and other companies with similar activities.  Our employees have many certificates and diplomas in the field of legal and advocacy.  All comfortable conditions for working with clients have been created, as well as reasonable prices for any type of services.  You can get a free consultation on our site, as well as call the specified phone number to make an application or ask any questions you are interested in.  Consultation is provided by a professional lawyer.