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Inspection of goods from the manufacturer to the recipient

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Инспекция груза   To have reliable information about the condition and quantity of cargo is a direct necessity in conditions of congestion of the modern freight market.  Inspection of goods and containers allows to regulate the relations of interested parties in case of unforeseen situations.  The results of the inspection, recorded in the photo and video, as well as the documentation issued by the inspector, allow you to accurately determine the amount of damage inflicted and win the case in court.


   The unloading control is carried out with the purpose of determining the state of the arrived cargo.  Inspection during unloading is necessary for documenting the fixation and characterization of possible cargo damages, determining its exact weight, and also for controlling the unloading process itself.  During unloading the following operations are carried out:

  • A visual assessment of the integrity of the container and all necessary seals;
  • Quality control of cargo directly at the time of unloading;
  • Check weighing and load measurements;
  • Identification of goods for compliance with the submitted documents;
  • Counting quantities during unloading from the container;
  • Control compliance with rules and technologies of unloading;
  • Fix all existing inconsistencies.

   The inspection carried out at the time of unloading allows the recipient to make a number of claims to the charterer or the shipowner and to appeal them to the court.  Without documenting the inconsistencies or violations existing during the unloading, the insurance company will not consider the possibility of compensation for material damage.



   Inspection during loading allows to identify a number of risks and problems that may arise during the transportation of cargo, and also document the compliance with the necessary rules during the loading and fastening of cargo.  Inspection of loading operations can be part of pre-load inspection, and can be performed as a separately organized operation.  Inspection at the time of loading allows:

  • Determine the suitability of the vessel for the transportation of a particular cargo;
  • To fix the condition and integrity of the cargo at the time of loading;
  • Develop and approve the loading plan, as well as control its compliance, including stowage and fastening;
  • Check the suitability of the equipment used in the loading process;
  • Check the compliance of the documentation of the presented cargo;
  • Check the placement of cargo directly in the container, as well as create the necessary conditions for its delivery in integrity;
  • Carry out an assessment and characterization of possible damages at the time of loading;
  • Assess and record the condition of the container at the time of loading;
  • Seal the container.

   A full inspection during loading will help to avoid unjustified claims on the part of the recipient.  Inspection at the time of loading is one of the most sought-after services, because it allows to settle all legal aspects during the transfer of ownership of the presented cargo.